Here are a few reviews from around the blogosphere.

From Crystal at Crystal and Co.:

Tiffany has released a smart recipe e-book that is certain to be a crowd pleaser! If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this cookbook is a must for you:

  • do you like meals that are ready in 15 minutes or less?
  • do you like short ingredient lists?
  • is back to school time a super busy season at your house?
  • would you like a list of useful tools to help speed up dinner prep time?
  • do you struggle with meal planning?
  • do you need help pulling together a grocery list each week based on your meal plan?
  • does your family eat our more than 2 times per week?
  • do you need some new recipes to add to your recipe list?  Read more of her review.

From Toni at The Happy Housewife:

If you struggle with busy evenings you’ll want to grab a copy of my friend Tiffany’s new book Feast in 15Feast in 15. The book is filled with tips for getting on meals on the table fast!  Feast in 15 contains ideas for naturally fast foods, quick, healthy and easy to prepare sides, and over thirty recipes that take 15 minutes or less to prepare! In the back of the book you’ll find grocery lists and menu plans for an two weeks of dinners. Read more of her review.


From Jill at Single Mom on a Budget:

I definitely recommend buying this book for yourself and one (or three) to give as a gift to a busy mom, or busy family, teacher, neighbor that is looking for a way to bring the family to the table quickly and yummily. Read more of her review.


From Nony at A Slob Comes Clean:

I’m already planning to make three meals out of it this week, including pizza quesadillas and meatball gyros.

And the e-book only costs 4.99!!!

But the e-book doesn’t only contain recipes. It gives you the “how” of making quick meals for your family.  Read more of her review.


From Briana at Bargain Briana:

Are you short on time in the evenings? Just want to spend more time with your family in the evenings? Then Feast in 15 is the eBook for you!

In this book you will find tips for speed cooking dinner, which is fabulous because I seem to always be short on time in the evenings no matter if I work at the office or I’m working at home. The planning is done for you as there are two weekly menus with complete shopping lists. The recipes include simple ingredients so it is most likely you will have these in your stockpile.  Read more of her review.


From Loy at Grandma Loy’s Kitchen:

At the tiny price of $4.99, this e-book is a real bargain.  Read more of her review.


From Mary Carver at Giving Up On Perfect:

I am a stay-at-home mom. That means, by the very definition of the words, that I am at home during the day. Well, not all day, every day. But still, I’m home more often than not. I should have plenty of time to grocery shop and cook lovely meals for my family. And yet, more often than not, I have a hard time getting dinner on the table.

I know, I know. Dinner happens every day – and yes, pretty much at the same time. Still, menu planning (and sticking to it) is not my forte. Therefore, dinner is a pain in my neck.

Enter Feast in 15, a new e-book from Tiffany King, blogger and meal planning extraordinaire. Read more of her review.



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